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Staying Free From Flu

Flu season can really knock you for six. If you do catch the flu you can be off work and bed bound for a couple of weeks and with Christmas coming up or work commitments to tend to, that really isn't what anyone needs. There are a number of cold or flu symptoms to look out for including headaches, nausea, raised temperature and myalgia.

The obvious suggestion is to avoid people who have the flu, however this isn't the best piece of advice that you can have. Flu symptoms can take up to two weeks to actually show up meaning that if you have the flu it can go unnoticed for that period of time. This is known as the incubation period and you can be infectious during this time. If someone at work or in your home has the flu, the chances are you have been in contact with them over the two weeks leading up to their symptoms showing to have been able to catch the flu yourself. *

Once you have influenza there are medications that you can take to get rid of the virus, however these really only lessen the length of the illness and still leave you with quite a while to feel the effects of the flu. There are a couple of medications that are usually prescribed, which are Tamiflu and Relenza. Tamifilu is the most popular to be prescribed for the treatment of influenza, however Relenza has been suggested to be more effective. Click here for Tamiflu information or here for Relenza product information. * Read More...

Blood Tests for STIs


For individuals who are sexually active and have multiple sexual partners, there are two very important rules. First, you ensure that you use protection. Second, as a precautionary measure, ensure that you get yourself regularly tested for STIs. There are chances that you might be carrying a Sexually Transmitted Disease, without being aware of the fact. With many sexually transmitted diseases, there are no obvious signs and symptoms making it extremely hard to detect without regular tests. So getting checked on a regular basis is recommended for the sexually active.

Why is getting tested necessary?

All Sexually Transmitted Diseases are extremely infectious. Of the many possible STDs that individuals may contract, Herpes, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are the most prevalent. The only positive side to this is that they are also among the most easily detected with just a simple urine and blood test. In most cases STDs go undetected with a PAP test or a gynecologic test that women have regularly. For those who are sexually active, regardless of their gender, consulting a doctor is of primary importance. For those who are too shy to visit a clinic or other sexual health facility, there are alternative, but reliable, methods to have yourself checked regularly. Read More...

Chest Infections

Chest infections are a common phenomenon during the winters and in most cases they subside after a certain duration on their own without medical intervention. However, in some instances these infections can assume serious proportions and need immediate consultation with professional medical help. The NHS page on this subject lists the symptoms that demand immediate consultation with your GP. Delaying medical attention in such situations can lead to severe complications rapidly.

Types and Symptoms of Common Chest Infections

There are different types of chest infection which might be affecting you during winter season.  Some of the more frequently experienced conditions are:

·          Headaches and high temperature.

Young People Taking Greater Care

Sexual health in the youth

The times have changed. Things are little like they used to be under a hundred years ago. Our culture is different and behaviours are not the same as before. This is neither good nor bad, it's just the natural mutation of society. 

As we are all part of society, when society changes, everything else does. Institutions, organizations and governments need to adapt to these modifications in order to function properly, according to their goals of existence. The health system, of course, is no exception. Indeed, as health is one of the basic human needs, it should always be covered by service providers.

Speaking of basic human needs, perhaps the greatest behavioral change that has been taking place in these last decades that regards public health is sex. Especially in young people, who have been born under the new model, greater levels of sexual freedom and interchange are usual. Read More...

Sexual Health Testing

Importance of Sexual Health

Maintaining good sexual health is very important to an individual as well as the society. Sexually transmitted infections, also known as STIs, are constantly on the rise and can have very serious health consequences if they are not diagnosed on time and treated properly. Reports of chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV have been steadily increasing over the years. Chlamydia which is the most common STI in the United Kingdom and gonorrhoea, if not treated properly, can leave you infertile or with chronic pelvic pain. HIV, on the other hand, is stuck with you for life, once you have been infected.

It is therefore important that the right support and services are available to help individuals promote good sexual health to make sure that the necessary precautions are taken to prevent becoming infected but also to make sure that the infection is prevented from being transmitted. Some STIs such as chlamydia are easy to treat; however, others such as gonorrhea are increasing becoming resistant to some antibiotics and are becoming very difficult to treat. Regular testing for STIs is therefore advised so that you can find out if you are infected, allowing you to obtain treatment and information on time to prevent the infection from spreading further. Although treating Chlamydia is very easy, most people infected with chlamydia are not even aware that they are infected with it because it does not have a lot of symptoms. This is why it is very important to get tested frequently. You may have the infection and unknowingly transfer it to others. 

Services of a GUM Clinic

It is advisable that you find a clinic if you are sexually active and get tested as soon as possible. There is a wide variety of testing options in the UK for sexual health testing and most of them are available at a GUM clinic which is a genitourinary medicine clinic that promotes sexual health by: Read More...

HIV Patients Co-Infected with Hepatitis C

Living with HIV

HIV and its derived illness AIDS had become a health and social nightmare in the last century. From the beginning, it was linked to features and ways of life then widely considered as negative, and people were terrified of it since they didn't know how they could catch it. HIV-possitive people were stigmatized and left aside, and many died of the many complications caused by this infection.

However, time went by, and information spread about this virus, how to catch it, how to prevent new infections, and how to treat HIV. Now, people talk less about dying of AIDS and more about living with HIV, and there are communitites which provide support, information and help to HIV-possitive people and their families. However, living with HIV is still a big challenge, and a struggle to find a job and establish relationships, and the constant need of medical following and checkouts. Read More...


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